This Warranty Policy has been designed to give you additional peace of mind that you need most.

AlSayer Certified vehicle customers enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they can call (22240400) for free professional help for virtually every kind of motoring problem that could arise.

Toyota Certified Vehicle Warranty?

This is a Warranty Policy given on your Toyota vehicle for 2 years or 50,000 km which ever come first (terms and conditions apply) which is effective from date of purchase* of Toyota vehicle from AlSayer Certified Cars as per the vehicle sales contract.
* The Certified Warranty will be effective after the expiry of OEM Warranty (i.e. 3 years or 100,000 whichever comes first)

Toyota Non-Certified Vehicle Warranty?

Balance of remaining of warranty, additional warranty can be purchased.

Lexus Certified Warranty

Manufacturer-backed warranties perks and benefits
Lexus certified pre-owned programs typically go a step further, giving customers a premium ownership experience with the same level of respect and integrity new-car buyers receive.
Minimum 12 months or balance of remaining of maintenance warranty whichever is greater.
Full detailed with Guard X paint protection

How to get assistance?

AlSayer Service Centers in Kuwait are ultimately responsible for providing the services and repairs you may need.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All the service-related jobs to be performed at the Authorized AlSayer Toyota and Lexus Service Centers.
  • It is mandatory to perform all the Periodic Maintenance as per Manufacturer’s maintenance schedule (refer to OWNER’s manual).
  • If the vehicle is not maintained or serviced as mentioned above the warranty will be void.
  • Transfer of warranty: The policy is transferable to new owner with transfer charges but cannot be cancelled and transferred. (that is within 90 days from the owner change) Warranty administrator will approve for warranty transfer after the vehicle inspection.
  • If the vehicle is declared as total loss or any accident that was not repaired as per Manufacturer standards, (which was not evident at the time of sale) then the warranty will be void.
  • The Warranty is applicable only at Authorized ALSAYER Toyota and Lexus Service Centers in Kuwait.
  • Notify the nearest Toyota and Lexus service center upon recognition of any faults immediately.
  • Periodic maintenances records should be stamped on the warranty booklet.
  • The vehicles to be used as Taxi/Limousine, bulk sales, Fleet, Rent a Car and Cars used for commercial purpose are excluded.
  • Territorial Limits: State of Kuwait.
  • Claims: The service center will receive compliant vehicle and will create warranty request with technical details and subjected to the claimable liability limits.
  • The cost of dismantling will be paid in the event of a valid claim.
  • Repair method: Any faulty component will either be repaired or replaced that is defective in material or workmanship under normal use condition.
  • If the repair cost exceeds the claim liability, customer to pay the remaining difference.
  • Customer must agree and sign the quotation of repair with the warranty provider, if not the warranty will be void.
  • The refused quotation of repairs will not be eligible for any future repairs and claims.

Certified Warranty Exclusions:

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • All service maintenance operations and adjustments. (that is timing chain, belts, oil seals, mountings, brake pads, rotor disc, brake drums, brake shoes, clutch, spark plug, filters, air cleaner element, bulbs, side brakes).
  • All door and windows glass, windshields.
  • Discoloration, fading, deformation or blur of Paint, Fabrics, Leather, Steering Wheel.
  • Tyres, Wheel balancing or alignment and adjustment except for a valid claim.
  • Recharging of air conditioning unit: It is covered, subject to the failed part is a valid claim.
  • Audio/Video, Navigation and Rear Entertainment TV (except for gold package – Toyota Certified Vehicles).
  • Any damaged caused by tyres to rims/wheel disc.
  • If any repair or replacement of parts at unauthorized Toyota and Lexus Dealer and use of non-genuine parts.
  • Failures related to improper fuel or usage.
  • Weather strips, moldings, door hinge, door checks, door handles and body seals, rubber components.
  • Odometer tampered, altered or disconnected.
  • Batteries.
  • Oils and Lubricants.
  • Seat Fabric, Leather seats, steering wheel, dashboard, floor carpet and grills.
  • Losses:
    • Any liability for death, bodily injury or damage to other property or any loss caused directly or indirectly.
    • Any damage caused directly or indirectly by war, riot, revolution or any similar event or by vandalism, theft or attempted theft of or from the vehicle.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures, high humidity, cold air, wind and rain, as well as to dust and various pollutants including industrial wastes etc.
  • Accident repair or trouble arising from accidents, error, misuse, abuse, negligence, ignorance, careless handling, overloading, or improper storage.
  • Equipping of parts or devices and body fitments which have not been undertaken by Toyota or Lexus.
  • Engine Radiator, water pump, related hoses, thermostat (expect for gold package Toyota Certified Vehicles).
  • Air conditioning Evaporator, Heater unit, condenser, hoses, pipes and refrigerant.

General Exclusions:

  • Damage which has occurred as a result of any accessory being fitted (unless the accessory is officially/written approved by the manufacturer-/-distributor for use on the vehicle and fitted according to instructions provided by the manufacturer of the accessory).
  • Any loss, damage or failure which occurs while the vehicle is outside the geographical territories (State of Kuwait).
  • All damages and repairs resulting from water ingress. (that is water entry through damaged or ineffective door, window or roof seals, through doors or sunroofs left open, or caused by driving through flood water).
  • Maintenance Service: The warranty shall not cover the following Maintenance Service items. (that-is Engine tune-up, Fuel and injectors system cleaning, Cooling system cleaning, Carbon and sludge removal, inspection and adjustment of linkage of various suspension parts, other similar maintenance service ordinarily needed with Vehicle use.)
  • Incidental Costs: The warranty shall not cover any expenses and losses sustained in connection with Warranty Repairs such as telephone, accommodations, car rental, travel and business or time lost, cost of towing outside State of Kuwait.