AlSayer Certified Vehicle Promise

AlSayer Certified Vehicles must be a current year model, or upto and including five-year old vehicles. , with less than 100,000km or less on the odometer. Then, each vehicle must meet or exceed all points of our Quality Assurance Inspection.

These strict standards ensure that only the best-of-the best vehicles receive the AlSayer Certified Vehicle Seal of Approval:

  • The vehicle was not involved in a serious accident and/ or body repair cost did not exceed 25% of the vehicle value at the time of repair.
  • All mechanical systems and components are present and operate as designed and intended.
  • Body/Chassis integrity meet new vehicle standards with no loose, missing components, excessive rust or corrosion.
  • Collision/Accident repair and vehicle body painting carried out in our state-of-the-art repair facility, by expert Toyota Trained Technicians.
  • All lights & bulbs fully operational and properly aligned.

Exterior Condition for AlSayer Certified Vehicles

  • Body integrity - No major dents or cracks. No missing or loose components, moldings or trim. No evidence of rust or major accident repair (Total cost of the repair not Exceeding 25% of the value of the car at the time of repair).
  • Body Finish - No major body dents. The paint quality must meet market conditions and all panels must be the same color and shade.
  • Chrome Finish Trim – No significant dents, cracks pitting, discoloration, rust, or corrosion.
  • Moldings/Trim - No significant gouges, scrapes, or scratches.
  • Glass - No cracks or significant pitting or tinting beyond legal limits.
  • Wheels - No significant scuffs, gouges, rust or corrosion.

Interior Condition for AlSayer Certified Vehicles

  • No missing or loose components.
  • Seats/Door Panels – No tears, cuts, rips, cracks, stains, significant wear and significant fading.
  • Carpets (Including Mats) – No cuts, rips, visible burns, stains significant wear or significant fading.
  • Dash/Controls – No cracks, gouges, burns, stains or significant fading.
  • Odors – No objectionable odors such as tobacco smoke, mold/mildew, etc.