What makes an AlSayer Certified Used Vehicle different?

The qualification criteria of an AlSayer Certified Pre-owned Vehicle
  • Only recent-model, low-mileage vehicles in exceptional overall condition.
  • Subjected to a Stringent inspection followed by professional reconditioning, in a world class facility.
  • Vehicles must be brought up to Dealer / Distributor's standards before it is accepted as a Certified Used Vehicle.
Every AlSayer Certified Vehicle is put through a comprehensive vehicle check by our highly trained technicians, some of the key focus areas:
  • Inspection and tightening of belts.
  • Inspection and tightening of the front bumper.
  • Inspection and tightening of the rear bumper.
  • Inspection and adjustment of handbrake.
  • Cleaning of the air filter and air filter box.
  • Inspection of the steering rack, control arms, suspension links and CV joints and CV boot rubbers – Replaced if faulty.
  • Inspection of battery and battery liquid level.
  • Change of engine oil and filter.
  • Professional Car wash and polish.
  • Spark Plugs changed as per Preventative maintenance schedule.
  • Inspection of fuel lines and fuel vapor canister.
  • Inspection and leveling of power steering oil and hoses.
  • Cooling fluid change and inspection of thermostat and cooling system.
  • Inspection of clutch friction plate – manual gearbox vehicles.
  • Inspection of lights, wipers, signals and water sprayers.
  • Inspection of air conditioning.
  • Inspection and tightening of exhaust holders.
  • Inspection of front brake pads - change if necessary.
  • Inspection of rear brake pads and change if necessary.
  • Inspection of rear discs or drums.
  • Inspection of the chassis.
  • Greasing of door hinges and locks.
  • Road test drive.

Advantages of owning an AlSayer Certified Vehicle

All AlSayer Certified Vehicle Buyers have a benefit of a full 24-month Roadside Assistance coverage. This includes:

  • 24 hour – 365 days coverage.
  • Coverage in Kuwait.
  • Towing to the nearest AlSayer service workshop.
  • Vehicle extraction.
  • Changing of flat tyre.
  • Emergency fuel delivery.

AlSayer Certified Vehicle customers enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they can call on free professional help for virtually every kind of motoring problem that could arise.